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Another version of the legend recounts that these animals were in a race to get there. Chinese Astrology Signs are not written in stone.

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The astrological influences under which you were born set the boundaries in which you live your life but Free Will is always the wild card, as are environmental factors like the culture, the economy, and the financial status of the family. In the Chinese zodiac, it is common for animals within four years of each other to get along. These animals are the four preceding and the four following Rat's place in the Chinese zodiac. Animals that are opposite on the zodiac are usually not very compatible, such as the Rat and the Snake.

There are exceptions to every rule.

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But when you are first getting to know someone, using these guidelines can help you learn what to possibly expect from a person and how to deal with them. If you like my site about Astrology Signs, please click on the Like button. If you use Facebook, you will see your "Like" at Facebook.

Chinese Astrology: The Horse - Personality & Compatibility

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Use the Calendar Program to find your Chinese Animal Sign Chinese Astrology Signs - 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals Each of the Chinese zodiac animals represents a year and those born in that year will have certain personality characteristics corresponding to that animal. Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility In the Chinese zodiac, it is common for animals within four years of each other to get along.

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  • You can also share this specific page Share this webpage with friends on Facebook. It is known to be one of the most mysterious guardians. Read on this Buzzle article to demystify the mystery.

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    Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart. In the Chinese astrology, zodiac signs are represented by twelve animals. Similar to western astrology, some signs are very compatible with each other while some are not. Buzzle provides a zodiac chart depicting compatibility Chinese Zodiac Symbols and Meanings.

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    Chinese Zodiac signs are subdivided into inner animals -- representing months of the year, and secret animals -- representing each hour of the day. This enables the 12 basic animal signs to be interpreted in 8, possible Zodiac Chart. Do you wish to know whether you are compatible with your partner or not? Here is the zodiac chart that will be helpful to you to know the compatibility between different astrological signs.

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    Chinese astrology is as fascinating and popular as western astrology. Here is compatibility chart based on Chinese zodiac signs that will help you know your best and least compatibility with different signs. Chinese Fortune Telling Methods. People all over the world have been interested to know their future to some degree.

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    The western world has always been mesmerized by the art of fortune telling of the eastern world. Chinese Numerology. Chinese numerology dates back to thousands of years and is based on your birth date. Read on to know more about Chinese symbolism numerology. Chinese Astrology Characteristics. To know your traits as per Chinese astrology, this article is the perfect read.