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Rather, it's either an agreement you make with yourself or one you come to with others. Through determination and tenacity, your life moves in the direction of your vision. Highlights of the solar return include: Cancer and Taurus adore you. Your lucky numbers are: Something that starts as a goof could become a very important private joke or custom. Your mantra in love can be the same one you use in other parts of life: You'll feel more loving and playful once you've reduced your responsibilities.

Stick with them and add to the team. Talking to strangers is easier when you pick the right stranger.

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Take a moment to choose well. Please like and share on your social media! Weekly Astrology from 19th February. Astrology answers weekly horoscope february While some claim free speech as their right, others regard it as a continual obligation.

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Just know that meanings can change. Career Horoscopes You know what you want, but what do you do to get there? Do what it takes.

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Choose Your Zodiac Sign Your lucky numbers are: Something that starts as a goof could become a very important private joke or custom. You can tell who is on your side. Engaging in chatter is what you do best and if you are in love it's time to confess, as that awesome or inspiring conversation has to take place before love can begin.

If there isn't an intellectual simpatico between the two of you, the relationship can at times be rocky.

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When you really fall for someone, bells ring, lights flash, and the angels sing, and that's because it's seldom that genuine love comes to stay. For you there is a mental side to authentic emotion and a lot of time and thought goes into serious commitment. With two dramatic eclipses in romantic Pisces, one on March 8th and the other on September 16th, you can expect a fated new romance or a beneficial shakeup in an existing affair.