Virgo daily horoscope for february 1 2020

The physical health of Virgo natives will be influenced by major lunar events, which will take place during February In the first instance, the New Moon in Aquarius on February 4, will touch House VI of Virgo, which places self-care with priority, and analyze current habits of life. You may consider that you maintain a healthy diet, avoiding excesses, but restrictions can also generate significant unbalances, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The New Moon in Aquarius presents you with the opportunity to go to a nutrition specialist, evaluate your current state of health, and design a diet plan adapted to your goals and lifestyle. In other words, the type of food you require is not the same if you work in an office, at home, or if you are preparing to participate in a marathon. The same applies to taking supplements and medications.

This trend will be reinforced by the Full Moon in Virgo on February 19, a lunar event that occurs on your sign that drives you to close cycles, and orient you towards the future. The season is ideal for garage sales, exchanging clothes with friends, or simply donating what you no longer use, is in good condition and supplies the need for someone else.

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Likewise, reconnection with what really defines you is valued, beyond your job or profession. Dare to see things from another point of view, and do not fear to take a different path, if that brings you closer to your essence and soul desires. On February 19, the Full Moon will take place in Virgo, an event that can help you deepen your self-knowledge work and restructure your goals. Read on, our young Padawan. There's an interesting convergence for you to pay attention to in Mercury is moving in for a little bit with Pisces from February to April 14th.

Don't worry, it's not anything scandalous. Mercury isn't even having its mail forwarded to the new address.

It is a big transition in the sky, though. It's sort of the celestial equivalent of a low harvest moon here on Earth. What does this mean for you, Virgo? It's going to be the prime time for that tiger inside of you to strike.

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Think of January as your crouching month: head down, pupils huge, and tail wagging aggressively back and forth. February to April is when you pounce, and the rest of the year is for enjoying your prey, reaping the benefits of your hunt.

If ever there was a perfect metaphor for the workplace, it's the jungle. Even in the least cutthroat environments, everyone is angling for something and ready to pounce on a weaker member. We're not saying you need to become a bully. Remember: a tiger hunts for survival and to protect its young, not for sport. You need to sit on your rock and watch the other animals fight for a bit, then see where you need to be. Remember that convergence we mentioned? Look to that time February to April to act in whatever form that takes. Maybe it's time to talk to your boss about something you want to pursue, like a new project or a raise.

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It might also be time to confront someone that you've been meaning to for a while. We're going to temper the tiger metaphor a little but just a little here. We're not saying you're going to have claws out, ready to attack. But if there was ever a time you needed just a little extra confidence in order to face someone, this is that time and we want you to remember the tiger inside of you. Concentrate your big, heavy actions during those two months. You won't be inactive during the rest of the year, but we'll want you to ride the wave of after effects from that time.

Maybe you'll be promoted, maybe you'll move departments, maybe you'll just quit your job completely and pursue something you've always wanted to do. Act, and then recover and respond to those actions. We are going to assume that being calm and steady has carried over into all aspects of your life, whether you see it that way or not.

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Do you know one real-world arena where this is incredibly beneficial? Your money. If there's any area in your life where you need to be the slow and steady tortoise we're moving away from the tiger metaphor for this one , it's with your finances. Calm, cool, and collected are exactly what you want to be when it comes to money decisions in , Virgo.

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This is not the year for throwing your life savings onto the hot tip you heard from your nephew. If you don't understand what something is or how it makes money, don't invest in it. Keep your cool, keep dropping your pennies into your savings and your retirement funds and you'll be doing yourself a favor.

Even if a fantastic financial opportunity presents itself especially towards the end of the year , keep a skeptical eye open at it and research heavily. We think you'll find that you want to keep your dollars closer to you. That period of springing from your perch to catch prey is going to keep you very active.

A tiger conserves energy so they can release it in a quick burst. We humans don't physically work like that, or at least not with the strength of a tiger. But we've got the strength of a person and that's pretty damn good. We don't mean sit on the couch all day, Virgo. You're not getting off that easily. We do mean that it's important to remember that part of the exercise is recovery. If you're already active, you know this, and we encourage you to not drop it. Give yourself that break.

If you're not very active, we're going to give you a freebie that we want you to take seriously: stop beating yourself up. If you find yourself every night saying to yourself "Ugh, I really should get up and run", stop. Take the night off - one night - from the self-abuse. Yes, we all should be more active, but this year is about action and recovery.

You're engaging in the non-productive action of "I should". For the last half of , we want you to recover from that. Take care of yourself, of course: eat right, get a bit of activity in, but don't make unreasonable demands of your health, physical or otherwise. Has being the calm, quiet warrior made it hard for you to find love?

We're guessing that sometimes that's the case. People will mistake that for underconfidence or outright disinterest, which is a shame because they're missing out on everything you have to offer. No matter where you are in the romantic department looking for love, married, wanting kids, having kids, etc , you have another celestial event that casts its glow across you all year long.

You may have heard about the synchronicity of Jupiter and Saturn this year. It's going to have some sort of effect on every sign and you, Virgo, are no exception. You don't have to change who you are to find what you want in love and relationships this year one iota. You've got the power of the two biggest planets in the solar system at your back to support you and be your cheering section.

Stay as quiet, calm, and placid as you care to, Virgo. You're not going to have to advertise your needs or wants to anyone. Leave that to Jupiter and Saturn, the two biggest cheerleaders around. If it helps, think of them as your wingmen. They're standing behind you singing your praises or supporting your argument while you just quietly be you.

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We're not saying they'll get you everything you'll want in , but always remember they have your back so that you thrive.