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Take a break from imaginative schemes and day-dreams and spare a thought for fundamental details at the most practical level.

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Nothing should be overlooked, no matter how small or apparently irrelevant. Everything is up in the air. To be perfectly honest, telepathy is probably the most reliable form of communication at the moment!

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What I really mean is that the facts should be taken with a pinch of salt. Check them out for yourself. You may discover that either you are about to reach your true desire, or that you were chasing a mirage.

New and unusual friends are turning up in your life, adding spice to the social scene. Everything that is about to take place on the work front will challenge you. You may have to revise your attitudes to colleagues or reassess the way you operate. Efficiency seems to be the key. You will have to make some kind of personal commitment before the next phase of your life can commence. Someone may be sweeter on you than you are on them. Some decisive aspects to your sign denote that you must have the will to start afresh.


You must stand your ground if principles are involved, but may achieve most through charm and diplomacy. You also have to take a critical look at your own motives.

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Short journeys are likely, as are unexpected visits, communications and calls. You can make a fresh start, cleaning the debris out of your emotional life. Not for a very long time have you been advised to cut the bonds that have bound you so tightly. You may, if you wish, ease your way out of a burdensome responsibility or obligation you have come to regret.


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Hopefully you have already decided to alter course and opt out of a long-term commitment. However, nature abhors a vacuum, and new ties will step in to fill the gap left by the old. As you may already have found out, you have to face up to some extremely harsh situations.

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  • It may even be quartered! No amount of cash will compensate for a certain emotional lack. Yet it may well be useful to spend your way out of a tight situation. That is their problem. You must get on and do what you must do! You know just how incredibly touchy other people can be.