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The 3rd shows leaving home; the 9th tells about ones long journey; the 12th indicates new environments and foreign land. Therefore the 12th cusp sub lord should signify the above 3rd 9th and the 12th house. Foreign assignment: -When the 12th cusp sub lord becomes the significator to 3rd 9th, and 12th, and also signifies the 6th, one gets trip to overseas on an assignment. If the sub lord of the 12th, is natural benefit and signifies 2nd, 6th, and 11th one will be luckier in and there will be more returns within expense. At the same time sun the lord of seventh house representing her husband Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji sits on the lagna so gets the energy of Saturn.

Does the moon chart Give clear indications about sri Rajiv Gandhi ji? The moon of Sonia Gandhi ji is in the Gemini sign in the twelfth house of lagan horoscope. The seventh lord if Jupiter which would be true as Sri Rajiv Gandhi had all Jupiter traits of being handsome, nice and kind guy. The seventh lord of Sonia ji is in the eleventh bhava forming a raja Yoga for Rajiv Gandhi ji. Suggesting great gains for Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji yes he was the prime minister of India we know, rest is history.

Venus the lord of twelfth house from moon or rashi impacts the lagan lord for sri Rajiv Gandhi ji that is Jupiter. Are there any clear indications of short life for husband for smt Sonia Gandhi ji? Now from the moon sign the lord of eighth house or bhava longevity lord it is moon and is afflicted by presence of Saturn and also moon the lord of second bhava from rashi or the markesh bhava is in lagna. Longevity lord Saturn or shani is placed in the markesh bhava or house of second house for Rajiv Gandhi ji greatly impacting the overall longevity as the lagna and eighth house form moon both are in the markesh or killer bhava of second and seventh house.

Sonia Gandhi ji runs Saturn rahu dasha on this date. Saturn as we know represents her husband sri Rajiv Gandhi ji and is badly poised in lagna to impacts the longevity of sri Rajiv Gandhi ji as rules the eighth house as well. Now looking from lagna, rahu carries bad energy from Uranus that is eccentric planet and also aspects the sun, the longevity bhava or house of sri Rajiv Gandhi ji. Saturn becomes very negative as it is strong in a negative house of eighth in lagna so increasing negative in the makara rashi.

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Creating a strong Yoga for severance or breakage of the relationships of smt. Sonia Gandhi ji suddenly. There is a malefic aspect on the longevity bhava or the second bhava for Rajiv Gandhi ji, so impacts the longevity of husband as well.

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Rahu is in makar rashi, so increases the suddenness aspect of the event and also indicates terror or hidden event as rahu rules the underworld and terror. Saturn or lagna for husband in the lagan bhava or the seventh house but retrograde causes all weakness in the horoscope. Jupiter the sixth lord for Sonia Gandhi ji and malefic for Rajiv Gandhi ji as it is twelfth lord is very strong and aspects the body of sri Rajiv Gandhi ji in the lagna.

Conclusion: so all the combination of weakness of eighth lord and markesh sending energy to lagan in both moon, lagan and navamsa chart for the husband caused the attack on late sri Rajiv Gandhi ji.

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Longevity of Sanjay Gandhi Ji? Longevity of Indira Gandhi ji? Cancer is both Movable and Watery sign. More over it is the natural 4th house of the zodiac. So it has special importance for foreign travel in astrology. If in a horoscope, majority of the planets are posited in movable or dual rasis, the native travels abroad frequently.

Rahu is the significator of foreign travel whereas Jupiter is that of Astrology and Saturn is that of Vedic knowledge. If a person is going through Rahu Mahadasa, it would enhance the possibilities of journey abroad because after this he would be going through the major periods of Jupiter and Saturn which would facilitate foreign journey. First House — Rishi Satyacharya has said that if the lord of the first house is in the 7th house and associated with a benefic, the native would live in a foreign country and die there.

Third House — Short journeys are signified by the 3rd house and a planet in the 3rd house aspects the 9th house. If the lord of the 9th house is in the 3rd house, foreign journeys particularly for pilgrimages are undertaken. Affliction to this house takes a person abroad who settles down there.

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Such affliction these days takes the native away from his home. How far? Settling Abroad. Seventh House — This house also deals with foreign travel.

Foreign Settlements and Travel in Astrology

If the lord of the 9th is in the 7th house with the 7th lord one earns in a foreign country. Eighth House — This normally involves journeys by sea in connection with the treatment of sickness. Instead of emphasizing travel by the sea, it should be taken to mean crossing the sea. Ninth House — The 9th house signilies long journeys. H10 of father; and H9 is 12th from H10 of father. Twelfth House — The twelfth house has been given a major role for residence in a foreign country.

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It being 4th from the 9th, it can mean living in a house which is 4th from the 9th. Hence H7 and H12 are key for foreign travel. Watery rasis represent voyages. The 7th Lord in the 12th means seeing many foreign countries.

Role of the 12th Lord The placement of the 12th lord in different houses is to be studied invariably for judging affairs relating to journeys to foreign countries. The principles given are :. If the 12th house is a movable or common sign, it gives better results. If it is a fixed sign, there is no living abroad but only visits to foreign countries. Note : This is a very significant observation which can be split into three types : a A weak 9th lord in the 12th house for movable sign is good. If the 2nd lord is in the 12th one becomes rich in a foreign country. Here if the 2nd is strong it proves to be very beneficial.

The 3rd lord in the 12th has been seen to give detachment from relatives and residence abroad. The 5th lord in the 12th gives mental inclination to travel abroad and also to go for education. The 6th lord in the 12th in common and movable signs gives lot of tours. The 7th lord in the 12th and vice versa helps both business tours and also marriage in a foreign place or with foreigners.

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According to Satyacharya, such a person may live abroad for sometime. The 10th lord in the 12th house or 12th lord in 10th gives professionally international connections. Caution — The 12th house also represents jails, hospitals, moksha emancipation etc too -not merely foreign countries. An afflicted 12th house or 12th lord gives foreign travels. If such a 9th lord is weak in the 12th house, such a person will go abroad to obtain distinction without first getting it in his own country.

Moon in kendra or quadrant. According to Jatak Tatwa it Moon is placed in a kendra, the native travels much, both in-land and in foreign country. This combination is mostly found in the horoscopes of leaders who travel a lot ii. Moon in Pisces and Cancer mean foreign travel iii.

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